About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

ReGen is a privately owned, customer-centric solar provider based in Virginia. Our focus is to serve the community (residences and businesses) with straightforward energy solutions that will connect them to a future of greater technological advancement and, most importantly, savings.

While the country is in need of more energy independence; the coal, gas and nuclear plants have gotten older and much more expensive to maintain. The cost of energy and fuel has risen at alarming rates. In contrast, we embrace sustainable, renewable energy because the great strides that have been made in solar technology have advanced far past the point of making financial sense.

When it comes to customer service, we believe in communication, simplicity, sophistication and quality. For these principles to be at our core, we believe that they are best maintained through the environment that we cultivate for every person who works for and with ReGen Solar. We believe in maintaining a positive environment that empowers our people to live their lives and do their work at their fullest capacity. Through quality teaching, training, developing and mentoring, we have a quality team that has been given all the tools and skills to bring that quality to the client. Culture is top-down. A client’s experience from start to finish is a direct reflection of the company culture.


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Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society With Sustainable and Reliable Energy Systems!

Save Money

Save money on electricity and increase the value of your home by going solar!

Power your Home

As grid cost continues to rise, take control of your situation by owning your energy instead!

Design & Consultation

Take all the guess work out of the equation by designing a system that meets your specific wants and needs.

Certified Engineers

Work with the best! Be assured that your system design and install is in great hands!

Our Mission

“To be the preferred solar energy partner by delivering ‘Made in USA’ end-to-end integrated solutions with a relentless focus on quality, performance and customer delight.”

Our Vision

“To power a solar future for homes, businesses and governments with technology, transparency and teamwork.”

Solar32Certified a Pioneering Quality Rating System