Frequently Asked Questions.

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Dominion and other power companies are allowed to increase rates yearly and, due to the Clean Economy Act, those increases are more substantial over the next few decades. To make matters worse, in July of 2022, they will be raising everyone’s rates an additional 20% to recoup fuel costs as allowed by the State of Virginia.

In 2020, the voters in Virginia voted for the Virginia Clean Economy Act. It essentially is forcing Dominion and other power companies in VA to go 100% renewable for the production of energy by 2050. The side effect of increased costs for power led to the need for an alternative solution and so Net Metering became that solution.

Net metering is a program adopted by most of the states which allows homeowners to switch to renewable energies, like Solar, without coming out of pocket. In Virginia, we’re lucky to have such an excellent program. All that Solar you’re seeing on people’s homes these days? They didn’t pay a dime out of pocket or upfront to get it on the roof and they are now paying less for their energy and not worrying about rising costs.

Between the rising cost of traditional power and the financially attractive option provided by high end, yet affordable Solar equipment and Net Metering, 85% of homeowners decide to move forward with the process. It’s no wonder that Hampton Roads already has 15,000 Solar installations. In addition, more Solar has been installed in the United States in the last two years than the previous 40 years combined!

Without getting too technical, the panels create energy from the sun and feed your house during the day. With Net Metering, excess power you create during the day is given back to you at night as needed.

Most homes are! It’s more about saving you money than whether or not “Is your home good for Solar?”. Most of the time we can cut someone’s power bill completely, sometimes partially; but if it makes financial sense, then yes, your home is good for Solar!

Extremely. Unlike many other Solar companies, we actually provide pre-engineered reports created by a local team of experts using state of the art software that takes into account a variety of factors including: latitude, location, local weather, shading, how the sun interacts with your roof and of course the equipment we utilize to build your system.

How much you can save depends on a variety of factors that are impossible to determine without some additional information. Many homeowners save on their monthly bill immediately. Some will realize substantial savings over the long term. Very few will not benefit in one way or another. In order to determine this answer, we’ll need to build a custom complimentary report for you.

Excellent, we can certainly help you with that. Every home is different and so we provide expert analysis as a complimentary service to homeowners who are ready to review their options and stop the constant increases to their power bill. Call us today at (757) 734-5304 to schedule an energy specialist to provide you the education and analysis you need!