You may have noticed the incredible rise of solar in the state of Virginia. Nearly every neighborhood has solar. In fact, some streets have multiple homes with solar! So, what is happening?! Virginia is one of the best states in the country for solar. Not entirely for the amount of direct sunlight the state receives, but also because of how great of an alternative it is to the rising inflation of electricity cost in the state. Legislation has required the power companies to put more renewable energy sources in their portfolio such as solar fields and wind turbines. Due to the immense cost of these projects, you may have noticed the cost of electricity rising at a rapid rate. Utilizing solar within the state’s Net Metering program will help homeowners switch to solar with zero out of pocket cost, cut their electric cost, and shield them from the rapid inflation brought on by the legislative projects. Solar is a must in Virginia.


Pennsylvania may not seem like the ideal state for solar due to the prevalent energy produced by coal, nuclear and fracking; The state does boast one of the best solar programs in the nation! With 179 sunny days per year, Pennsylvania is actually a fantastic state to utilize the state’s Net Metering programs! With Pennsylvania’s Net Metering program, any home solar system can be attached to the grid, sell excess power back to the grid for a 100% return of energy when you need it. Your home will be up and running during the night and cloudy days just as it is now and for a reduced cost. It’s no wonder Pennsylvania is known for being increasingly energy independent. Their focus on energy has made the state a bastion for resources including renewable energy!

West Virginia

West Virginia is a Diamond in the rough when it comes to home solar. There haven’t been too many companies or advertisements within the state. However, the state has one of the strongest solar programs in the nation! The cost of electricity in West Virginia is fairly high and the state’s Net Metering program provides some relief! You can go Solar in West Virginia with zero out of pocket cost. Store energy to the grid and use it when you need it. Essentially, the power company is acting as your battery so that you don’t have to invest in one! While the cost of inflation has surged within the energy industry, sustainable home living is the future! Do yourself a favor and look into it. West Virginia is going to be a powerhouse state for solar!

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